Powerful and Transparent

No other headphone amp offers as much power with so few components in the signal path as the Soloist. Conventional headphone amplifier designs use IC op-amps in the signal path. Since each op-amp contains over 50 low-quality components, most of them not even required for audio playback, these packed-together chips distort the audio signal, it’s in their nature. The Soloist is perfectly tailored with a symmetrical current feedback circuit with only 21 components in the signal path explaining the wonderful sound. Learn More



Sustained Peak Performance

Burson’s oversize transformers and power supplies deliver pure class-A peak driving power, a muscular 4Wpc into 16 ohms. To achieve the same specification most conventional designs settle for a 24 watt transformer. Burson understands the difference between burst and sustained power so you’ll find a custom 35VA transformer ensuring the Soloist is capable of a sustained 4 watts at all times.

The Soloist power supply is built around a custom noise-filtering network employing twice as many filtering stages as most conventional designs resulting in superior noise rejection. That’s why the Soloist delivers such clean and stable power with beautiful music emerging from a pitch-black background.


The entire CNC-machined and polished aluminium enclosure functions an super-efficient heatsink. Find out why Burson customers call it “The Vault”. Learn More [+]

Burson’s Variable Output Stage (VOS) enables the Soloist to perfectly match any headphone or speaker system ensuring synergy as your system evolves through time. Learn More [+]

Our super-accurate 24-step attenuator features 99% matched resistors for a stable and 3 dimensional soundstage. Learn More [+]

It’s Burson for a Lavish Musical Experience.


Package Content

1 x Soloist Headphone amp / Pre-Amp
1 x Power cable
1 x RCA pair input cable
1 x User Manual (including 24 months warranty registration information)


Weight: app. 4.5 kg
Colour: silver anodized aluminium
Dimensions: 180 mm x 255 mm x 80 mm


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