AV Report Soloist Review

..."Taken out of the box amplifier requires a thorough warm-up, we took the break-in period of the Soloist headphone amplifier for over a week when the daily work for at least several hours. During this time aligned sound balance (quite a long first baseman is lacking, then the desired number appears like, but the lower classes are rather dry, and only then bass frame acquires "meat"), manifested texture tones, making the sound more emotional and visibly progressing overall dynamics. The similarity of the basic principles of design, circuit design and components used dictates similar sound character, so you can not say that Soloist shows something completely new compared to the earlier tested and loved amplifier / DAC BURSON HA-160D. Student receives detailed voices across the spectrum, fast, plastic bass, well-defined top, uninhibited sound dynamics. New amplifier BURSON also characterized elegant musicianship and emotional richness of sound. But still work with the sound "Soloist" and the previous flagship Classic Series is not completely the same. Midrange "Soloist" different chic feed tonal relief, "focus" slightly shifted toward the lower part of the upper middle a little relaxed, just enough not to emphasize in sizzling vocals. Such comfort and sound peculiar HA-160D, but Soloist does the same thing, be careful when handling the finest detail. Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of a new generation of amplifier can be seen when playing the upper range: from HA-160D with all clarity HF were still slightly darkened on the upper octaves covered vualkoy. Top "Soloist" sharper, brighter, loops plates worked on and a little more detail. Comparing the dynamics of sound Soloist headphone amplifier and HA-160D, we noted that the new amplifier interesting and fuller and more accurate passes microdynamics in the transition time, which allows him a little better tools to share the music scene and even better show the effect of volume of this scene. But the HA-160D, as we thought, energetic moments passed makrodinamicheskie sound in the bass end of the spectrum, perhaps because of the power supply with the increased capacity of the buffer capacitors. Therefore, for rock music choice between HA-160D and Soloist is not so obvious. But in any case, even if the HA-160D and better accents in the articulation of the bass, he still acts a little rougher beginner. On complex orchestral recordings, where you can observe makrodinamicheskie gradation sound well marked ability to "Soloist" the ability to feel the diversity of musical fragments and bass instrumentation." Full Review Here: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.avreport.ru%2Ftests%2Fhome%2Faudioreproduction%2Famplifier%2Fusiliteli-naushnikov%2Fitem%2F436%2F