….” A significant upgrade from previous years models, I think is the ultimate upgrade for enthusiasts listening to music in headphones. Coupled equally stunning performance QBD76 hdsdal, get a combo that competes with the speaker system in the living room, 4 times more expensive.

This company and this product does not cease to impress me every time. No compromises were made in creation, everything is at a high standard, from the construction to the specifications and sound. Extra simplistic design reminiscent of Apple products and the sound – live music played in an intimate jazz club.

Natural tone, sound easy mark for total lack of ear fatigue makes it perfect for any style of music. It has an air and sound grandiose classical / symphonic stereo image and naturalness in jazz, and speed and rapid shot, precise on rock-all in one box.”

Full review here: http://soundnews.ro/2012/09/16/burson-soloist-muzicalitate-pura/