The Purest 10 Watts for your Headphones.

The Solois Voyager is our flagship Headphone Amp / Preamp.

By incorporating every uniquely Burson technology, from our Max Current power supply to V7 discrete opamps, and from Silent Power Modules to the Gen 2 Cool Case, we have created the purest 10Wpc Class-A headphone amplifier in the world that looks as hot as it sounds.

Two Muscle Amps Under One Roof!

The Soloist Voyager has two entirely separate and mirror-symmetrical amplifiers inside, each independently powered.

This idealistic design completely eliminates cross-channel interference, achieving a pure black soundstage.

The Best Audio Opamp X 6

Burson is the industry leader in discrete audio opamps.

Six Burson V7 Vivid Pro opamps perfectly complement the Soloist Voyager circuitry, delivering the renowned Burson house sound— rich, dynamic, and transparent.

Quieter than Battery Power.

To reproduce your favourite song with perfect clarity, you need clean power.

Clean power comes from good voltage regulation, which removes AC noise and voltage ripples.

The Soloist Voyager has our second-generation Burson Silent Power Regulator Modules (SP2), which have a noise rejection rate over 200 times better than standard regulators, ensuring that every tiny detail in your music is clear and free from noise.

Noise Level

Who Buys Hi-End Headphones to Play a Tone?

The specs on a headphones’ retail box are supposed to tell us how they perform, but most come from tone tests. Are they useful? Not really!

In real music playback, headphone impedance, sensitivity, and linearity fluctuate widely with different sound frequencies.

The Soloist Voyager uses high output current to ensure a linear response during music playback. That’s why its 10 watts sound more powerful and accurate than the competition.

Standard Vs. Soloist V

The Best Volume Control X 2

With a dynamic range of -112dB, industry aristocrats like Pass Labs and AVM swear by the MUSES72320 + discrete buffer volume control.

We go further by using one per channel, eliminating channel cross-talk and enabling stereo crossfeed and balance adjustments.

Enjoy your Music in Perfect Balance and Blend

The Voyager provides selectable hardware-based crossfeed for headphones and soundstage balancing for speakers, and it even offers a headphone+subwoofer listening mode.

Whether you’re listening through headphones or speakers, these features allow you to enjoy your favourite tracks just as you prefer.

Fusion. Clean and limitless power!

This power supply unit is a must-have upgrade for the Soloist Voyager!

Operating at frequencies ten times higher than silicon MOSFETs, GaN transistors offer superior noise filtering, higher current delivery, and ultra-low noise performance.

The Burson Fusion Core features advanced noise filtering with GaN transistors and a robust current pump circuit, delivering up to 480W. It is the audio industry’s most advanced power supply, with a matching sleek look.

Switching Frequency

It Looks As Hot as It Sounds!

To complement our dual mono Class-A design, we have custom-designed a unique enclosure that ensures the Voyager effortlessly dissipates heat from an 80-watt idling current and looks great in any living space.

Take the Voyage!

The Soloist Voyager is a combination of breakthrough technologies, forming the ultimate machine that takes you on an audio journey. It allows you to revisit deeply moving musical moments or explore new ones. With the Voyager, you will travel in style for all the times to come!

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