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The 200W, Class-AB, High-Current Monoblock.

For 15 years and counting, “Timekeeper” has been Burson’s ongoing R&D project, advancing power amp performance with technological breakthroughs. The Timekeeper Voyager monoblock, with its GaN Fusion Core, Silent Power Modules, and V7 opamps, is here to redefine audio amplification!https://www.bursonaudio.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=57138&action=edit#

The Sound of High-Current.

Higher idling current ensures transistors operate in their most linear region, reducing distortion. However, it stresses the power supply, increases heat dissipation, and raises production costs, making amplifiers larger and heavier with bulky heat sinks and big transformers.

Since higher idling current doesn’t boost output power, most manufacturers avoid highlighting it.

Drawing over 100W at idle, the Timekeeper Voyager delivers refrigerator-sized Class-AB amp performance in a sleek design. Our Cool Case eliminates the need for bulky heat sinks, and our Fusion Core replaces the humming coil transformer.

Fusion. Clean and limitless power!

Operating at frequencies ten times higher than silicon MOSFETs, GaN transistors offer superior noise filtering, higher current delivery, and ultra-low noise performance.

The Burson Fusion Core features advanced noise filtering with GaN transistors and a robust current pump circuit, delivering up to 480W. It is the audio industry’s most advanced power supply, with a matching sleek look.

Switching Frequency

Quieter than Battery Power.

The voltage regulator is critical for filtering power supply noise, reducing voltage ripple, and providing overload protection. Despite its importance, it is often overlooked in audio circuitry design because it’s not part of the main amplification circuit.

The Timekeeper Voyager features our second-generation Burson Silent Power Regulator Modules (SP2) with a noise rejection rate of 0.8uV, over 200 times lower than standard regulators. The SP2 ensures every micro detail in your music shines through with vivid clarity against a pitch-black backdrop. Ready to hear your favorite song for the first time?

Noise Level

The Buffer Stage that Perfects System Matching.

Say goodbye to system mismatch. The Timekeeper Voyager features a pure Class-A input buffer stage with the Burson V7 discrete opamp. Activating this adds 6 dB of gain to the input signal, ensuring perfect compatibility with any upstream device, from high-end DACs and preamps to laptops and smartphones.

The Most Idealistic Power Amp Design.

A monoblock (one amp, one channel) is the ultimate power amp design, completely eliminating cross-channel interference. This ensures a clean and accurate soundstage that makes every track pop with detail and depth.

The Voyage, Enhanced.

Whether you’re a die-hard audiophile or just love listening to music, the Timekeeper Voyager is your perfect companion. It not only looks stunning but also delivers perfect sound! Experience rich vocals, sparkling highs, and dynamic playback that make your music truly pop. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through sound with the Burson Timekeeper Voyager!

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