Let’s face it, most audio equipment cases are ugly and impractical. They usually have visible screws everywhere, sharp corners and boring colours. Class-A amplifiers even have finger cutting heat-sinks! They diminish the aesthetic of any living space especially modern desktops where every other electronic is slick and refined.

6mm thick, high-density aluminium panels machined to the highest precision. When unified the Burson Cool Case appears seamless and aesthetically pleasing from every angle. Multi-stage surface polishing and electroplated to our shade of grey, it looks sexy and feels wonderful. The Cool Case is a scruptual beauty that fits in any living space.

The Cool Case is the ulimate heat-sink. Its unique surface design significantly enhancing Heat dissipation. Heat conducting channels run the full length of the joins, facilitating heat transfer between panels. The Cool Case is 300% more efficient in heat dispersing than the previous Conductor case, keeping our powerful Class-A amplifier stress free and optimised.