What’s wrong with putting your speakers on the desk?

Regardless of how expensive and high-quality your bookshelf or near-field speakers may be, placing them directly on your desk will cause distortion and blurring of the sound.

This is because the entire surface of your desk vibrates along with the speaker drivers, particularly with bass notes. So the sound you hear is not just from the speakers but also from your desk.

Burson Mothership in the lounge room

What’s wrong with other desktop speaker stands?

Most of them still give you the wrong height, especially those that tilt the front of your speakers toward your head instead of your chest. This guarantees a distorted soundstage.

Burson Mothership in the lounge room

Why choose the Launch Pad?

The Burson Launch Pad raises your speaker to ear level resulting in a proper sound stage.

It uses high-density extruded aluminium, eliminating the vibration transfer from the speaker to the furniture.

Its clever design also protects your speakers from accidental cable pulling.

Oh, it also looks amazing in any listening space!

Relaunch your close-field listening experience!

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