The Burson Soloist headphone amplifier in partnership with the Burson DA-160 provides great synergy and detailed sound.

All other sources i have and use with the soloist provide detailed Solid State sound and it is a great contrast to using the same sources with the very good but completely different sound of the Eric McChanson Tube amplifier
The build quality is excellent and the performance is as described by the numerous reviews of the Burson Products – highly recommended.

Associated Gear:

Burson DA-160 Dac
Burson Soloist
Little dot MK V11 Amplifier
Little dot MK IV Amplifier
Little Dot MK V amplifier
Eric McChanson Tube Amplifer
Heed Canamp
Matrix M-stage Dac
Ibasso DX 50 and DX90
Fiio X3 and X5
Hidizs AP100
Pono Player
Mrspeakers Alpha dog headphones
Ultrasone Pro 2500 headphone
Sony MA900 Headphone

Tony C.