Burson Audio Soloist 3X Gt HEAD-FI review

An Epic Grand Tourer

The Burson Soloist GT embodies our innovative spirit, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries and turning unconventional approaches into design benchmarks.

In 2023, we are taking the GT to the next level with even cleaner power and a superior signal path, pushing its performance to new heights。

Symmetrical through and through

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge circuitry by its layout. Symmetrical dual-mono is beautiful and achieves the highest possible audio performance.

Under the bonnet, the GT has two independently powered mono amps in mirrored symmetry. The resulting pitch-black soundstage and crisp details are breathtaking!

Elitist Volume Control X 2

The typical stereo volume control creates lots of cross channel interference. Industry aristocrats such as Pass Lab and AVM use the MUSES72320 volume control to reduce such distortion in their flagships preamps.

The Soloist GT goes further by using one MUSES72320 + V6 Vivid discrete buffer volume control per channel, eliminating any chances of cross channel interference.

Headphone Crossfeed

Live music and loudspeakers produce a mixed sound, providing positional awareness. Many recording engineers anticipate tracks playing on stereo speakers rather than headphones.

While some listeners use software for crossfeed, it can introduce distortions. The Soloist GT offers three hardware-based crossfeed emulation levels, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tracks just as you prefer.

Silent Power Modules

By transitioning from the LM317 low noise regulator (120µV) to the more advanced LT1963 (40µV), we have achieved a purer, more stable power supply for its internal components. In addition, this innovative power supply design also features modular elements, enabling effortless future upgrades.

Our Silent Power modules form a critical part of our MCPS. Enable the new Soloist 3X GT to attain a remarkable Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 116dB, delivering an unrivalled audio experience.

Noise Level

GT Cool.

The Burson Cool Case boasts the largest heat sink for any headphone amp, but we’ve taken it a step further with active cooling for the GT. This allows every component to operate within optimal temperature ranges, pushing performance to the limit. Our redesigned, resonance-free enclosure combined with Noctua’s ultra-quiet fan from Austria, ensures wind noise is below 25dBA—quieter than an empty recording studio’s 30dBA ambient noise—making the GT virtually silent amidst your music.

The Perfect Sound Stage

A symmetrical, sound-treated home auditorium is a luxury most can’t afford. Doors, windows, and bookshelves near speakers can distort the soundstage. The Soloist GT, with a MUSES+V6 Vivid volume controller for each channel, lets you adjust individual speaker volume, bringing you closer to that perfect soundstage once exclusive to a select few.

Optimised for Balanced

The Soloist 3X GT optimizes XLR balanced audio performance with a fully differential and discrete signal path. It delivers 10W balanced and 5W single-ended, making it suitable for driving any headphones. Additionally, it boasts enough inputs and outputs to be the command center of any audio system.

Optimised for Single Ended

The Soloist 3 GT is optimized for single-ended listening with a shorter signal path and fewer active components. Adopting a higher power type transistor, it delivers 10W into single-ended headphones. This purist design, with twice the working current, is the end-game machine for any single-ended audio system.

Head+Sub Mode. Say what!?

We feel sound as much as we hear sound. Before the invention of headphones, music listening has always been a full-body experience. It’s not just what your ears can hear but all the energy that your body feels that move the soul.

Headphone listening goes to a new level with a carefully matched and placed subwoofer. The GT enables this experience with its Head+Sub mode.

Rev it up!

The Soloist 3X GT drives hard and with pinpoint precision, delivering previously unheard sonic information. It’s a drive for perfection that will leave you amazed.

The Soloist 3 GT, on the other hand, relaxes your shoulders and allows you to feel more. It doesn’t beautify or blur the sound with artificial hue but rather brings you closer to the artist and delivers the artistic intent perspicuously.

Headphones may change, and digital formats may come and go, but these analogue performers are timeless. So fire up your GT, and ride down memory lane while revisiting moments when life changed tracks and the songs enriched the journey.

Burson Soloist 3X GTBurson Soloist 3X GT
MeasurementPackage Content
Input impedance: 35 KOhmsSoloist 3X GT (R120X)
Frequency response:± 1 dB 0 – 48KhzSoloist 3 GT (R121)
THD: <0.0015%Remote Control
Output impedance (Headphone Amp):0.5 OhmPower Cable
Output impedance (Pre Out ): 25 Ohm24V / 5A Power Unit
Soloist 3X GT Info
Inputs: 2 x XLR2 x RCA1 x Mic BypassWeight: App. 5 kg
Outputs:1 x XLR Preamp1 x RCA Preamp1 x RCA Subwoofer Output1 x XLR Headphone Jack1 X SE Headphone JackDimensions: 255mm x 270mm x 70mm
Soloist 3 GT Info
Inputs: 2 x RCA1 x Mic BypassWeight: app. 5 kg
Outputs:1 x RCA Preamp1 x RCA Subwoofer Output2 X SE Headphone JackDimensions: 255mm x 270mm x 70mm
Impedance (Headphone Jack)Power XLR / SESignal to Noise Ratio Separation
16 Ohm3X-GT 10 / 5W | 3-GT 10W116db99%
32 Ohm3X-GT 8 / 4W | 3-GT 8W111db99%
100 Ohm3X-GT 3.8 / 1.9W | 3-GT 3.8W110db99%
150 Ohm3X-GT 1.3W / 0.65W | 3-GT 1.3W 110db99%
300 Ohm3X-GT 0.64 / 0.32W | 3-GT 0.64W 109db99.50%

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