Good sound, with style!

Class-A and Class-AB amplifiers provide superior sound quality but typically have a bulky design resembling iceboxes with heat fins.

Our breakthrough in power supply technology eliminates the need for transformers, linear power supplies, and large power caps. This not only enhances sonic performance but also gives our Class-AB Timekeeper 3X GT a sleek and stylish look that perfectly complements any living space.

The Hushed Performance Indicator

Idling power is a crucial factor when comparing Class-AB amps with similar outputs. A higher idling power means more pure Class-A output. However, traditionally, it also leads to a larger transformer, bigger heat-fins, more power caps, and increased production/transportation costs. While some elitist amps boast about this specification, most in the industry keep it quiet.

The TK-GT draws 100W at idle, delivering the first 30W in pure Class-A. This results in rich vocals and sparkling highs previously only enjoyed by a privileged few. The remaining 180W drives speakers with exceptional dynamics.

Perfect match with any system

In traditional high-end audio systems, a preamp connects inputs and controls volume. But is a preamp still necessary when today’s DACs and portable players already handle volume control?

A preamp’s often overlooked function is adding gain to the DAC output (6dB single-ended, 12dB balanced), which typically requires an additional buffer stage in most DACs and portable players. This stage increases size, cost, and potential distortion. Without the gain, the power amp cannot achieve its full potential.

The Timekeeper 3X GT features an independently powered, fully discrete input buffer stage. If you don’t already have a preamp, activating the buffer provides the necessary gain for optimal system performance.

Silent Power Modules

The upgradeable Burson SP modules play a crucial role in our power supply. These modules enable the Timekeeper 3X GT to achieve a pristine black background, enhancing micro-detail clarity.

Noise Level

The Purist Circuitry

Showcasing our unwavering passion for sound! The GT boasts direct coupling circuitry and a fully differential input stage, delivering exceptional dynamic response. Our Vivid discrete opamp imparts the distinct Burson house sound—detailed, textured, and layered.

As an independently powered monoblock, the TK-GT eliminates cross-channel interference, unveiling a spacious soundstage against a silent backdrop.

Warp into a new age

Imagine a soundproofed home theater with huge cables and monoblocks on marble slabs. It used to be the ultimate audiophile dream.

But now, thanks to technological advancements, you can have the same amazing sound without sacrificing aesthetics. Picture a more harmonious living space. Welcome to a new era of music appreciation with the exceptional performance of the Timekeeper Grand Tourer.

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