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“Long-term Playback readers know that we are great admirers of the Australian-made Burson Audio HA-160 headphone amplifier and AB-160 audio buffer. Both products make sense to us, and the HA-160 in particular offers a ton of value for the money. But now, Burson has created a new flagship headphone amplifier called the Soloist ($999), which can also serve ably as a three-input stereo preamplifier. Once you consider how good the HA-160 is you might rightly expect it to be a tough act to follow, and it is. Even so, Burson claims the Soloist sounds even better, offers considerably more flexibility, and—dare we say it—is potentially an even better value. Can the Soloist back up these claims? That’s precisely what this review aims to find out.”…

Full Review Here: http://www.avguide.com/review/burson-audio-soloist-preamplifierheadphone-amplifier-playback-60