Audeze LCD-3 with Soloist headphone amplifier review – Bill Gaw ETM

..."As this is the first high end transistor headphone amp I've had the pleasure of listening to with the Audeze [...]

ATH-W3000ANV, Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones, Audeze LCD-3 and HiFiMan HE-6 review with Soloist – Innerfidelity

Wrapping-Up Maybe that's the most impressive thing: All of this great sound the Soloist headphone amp provides doesn't come at [...]

Soundnews Soloist headphone amplifier and Audeze LCD-3 Review By Darku

...." A significant upgrade from previous years models, I think is the ultimate upgrade for enthusiasts listening to music in [...]

CNet’s Soloist headphone amplifier Review by Steve Guttenberg

Featuring Beyerdynamics T70 Audeze LCD-2 Audeze LCD-3 Onkyo TX-SR805 "Then I compared both Burson amps with the my Onkyo TX-SR805 [...]

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