….”With Soloist you’re not “trapped” down to built in DAC. The possibilities are endless here. Repeating again myself; input preamplifier gain will help match your front ends in all galore. Not only different DAC’s output levels, but often needed gain increase from analog front ends. MC signals from different phono preamplifiers are more then often in need of additional gain. Soloist unique feature can assist nicely. With the increase of vinyl awareness this is an important part of preamplifier selection when you’re in the need of buying one.

Soloist adds up to the headphone listening in large way, but even more important, this is a stand-alone preamplifier that defines a class genre. With its new capabilities and neutral sound it step up and walk over boldly with as over many preamps priced much higher.

Burson Soloist is a both great headphone amplifier and serious preamplifier in a mighty aluminum package with great tools at hand. A versatile handcrafted machine at more then reasonable price.

Watch up. These guys from Burson means business… Great sounding and affordable one!

Mono & Stereo highly recommended.”

Full Review Here: http://www.monoandstereo.com/2012/07/burson-soloist-test-review.html