I have just collected my Burson Soloist SL from my dealer.

The head amplifier is brilliant. I was fortunate to have a demo period of it at home. It suits my needs as I don’t have a headphone output on my Amplifier so, needed a ‘ high quality Class A headphone amp ‘ that would reproduce music of the highest order, as indeed my Class A amplifier does.

Plus, I didn’t need the Soloist’s Pre-out either ! The music flowing through this ‘ little beauty ‘ is simply splendid whatever one plays and I love the Headphone Output Low and High …………saves me reaching for the volume control when I want to zap it up a bit too !

Extremely glad I purchased the Soloist – really makes my headphones : SING & SHINE ! Thank you for a great product that will give me many hours of pleasure !

Happy listening…………best to all at Burson Audio !

Kind regards