Burson Audio hails to us from Australia, bringing its own design philosophy, “Less is More,” to high-end headphone amplifiers. They gained notoriety with the successful HA-160 headphone amp, a pure class A design with an output of 250mW; which is enough power for most headphones, with the exception of a few top-tier power hungry beasts. To drive headphones such as the Audeze LCD3, or the HiFiMAN HE6, Burson has developed an amp which is capable of a more robust 4 Watts of output. The Soloist is part of the company’s Musicians Series, a higher end line that also includes the Conductor which is essentially the Soloist plus an integrated DAC. The Soloist retails for $999, not a small chunk of change for even a full power amp, let alone a headphone amp. Is that asking too much or does the Burson Soloist deliver enough bang for the buck?… Full Review here: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/power-amplifiers/power-amplifiers-reviews/burson-soloist-headphone-amplifier.html