Advanced audio research is what Burson does. We recognise performance bottlenecks in conventional designs, then overcome them with new engineering approaches to achieve higher audio performance.

2006 – We discovered the shortcomings in general-purpose IC opamp. Today, our tailored audio opamps are industry benchmarks. [+] Learn More

2016 – We developed a proprietary Max Current Power Supply to overcome linear and switching power supplies limitations. Today, our MCPS powers every award-winning Burson product. [+] Learn More

2019 – Conventional enclosures trap heat and hinders circuitry stability. So we created the most efficient and arguably the prettiest heat sink in the industry. The Cool Case.  [+] Learn More

2021 – The Burson Soloist 3X GT is the embodiment of our innovative spirit. It is the first headphone amp in the world that works so hard it needs active cooling.  

Through research and over-engineering, we turn unconventional approaches into design benchmarks, And we thank all the like-minded audiophiles who appreciate our approach and witness our progress.