CS8416 + PCM1798 discrete opamp CS8416 + PCM1798 discrete opamp CS8416 + PCM1798 discrete opampDear Burson team,
I send you some pictures of my dac and of my system.
…In visible and infra-red (fluke thermal camera from my job)

Description of the Upgrade:

I have a little dac based on CS8416 + PCM1798
Then, 2 NE5532 for the I/V section , and 2 NE5534 in output

(1) I first removed the 5534 for the dip 8 sockets, and just plugged the silver pins of the bursons discrete opamp in the sockets.
Fisrt Hear : I remebrer precisely, it’s sounds like an other system(more better!)
The sound is very dynamic but not agressive like with de 5534
Voices are clear spelled, piano sounds like piano, horns,sax …. seems so real

(2)Dont’want to wait more, unplugged the dac, play a LP and do the IV section
Second Hear: whooo it’s seems stronger, the dynamic is better again, ecah instrument takes his natural place in the sound stage
drums became impressive in accuracy.
(3) “final” Installation
I have soldier the silver pins of burson’s discrete opamp directly in the dip 8 sockets,
because the diameter of the holes in 2 layer PCB is inferior of the busons silver pins
Work pretty well

As you can see on the pics the LMxx 12v AND -12v regulators are at about 80°C but they work well(Voltage is ok on the pins)
Maybe should i purchase you regulators ^^
Or simply bypass them ???
(4) Some view of my system
* The DAC is plugged to a tube preamp (SE class A)
The driver tube are MULLARD CV4010
The power tubes are 6N30Pi-DR for russian army

sounds good without micro-phonic effect

* the preamp drives 2 power modules based on TDA7293 (class AB integrated amplifier)
The next step is to remove this for a MOS-FET / J-FET class A power AMP…

Thank you Again and again
Now new people who came at home says sound is very clear, we hear all, sounds like in live ….It’s amazing