Xiang Sheng DAC-01A upgrade with SS-Audio discrete Op-amps

Everything is sounding wonderful so far! I can hear the reverberation in Abbey Road Studio 2 from certain songs by The Beatles. Silent bars in music are dead silent, no noise, hiss, or hum. Rumors by Fleetwood Mac sounds the best it ever has. Stevie Nicks' vocals are clear and all instruments are separated and readable. Miles Davis can faintly be heard breathing in before playing on Kind of Blue. Sound stage is big, clarity (with iTunes at 80%) is top notch. Les Paul's hallway recording sessions have never sounded so real. Currently using a Xiang Sheng DAC-01A with a Bendix 6385 tube and SS-Audio 4th Gen Discrete OP-AMP. DAC is connected to two KRK Rokit 5s and a KRK 10s subwoofer via RCA Unbalanced on Auralex monitor foam. Max R.