1.Sony CDP-CX455
2.The modules are applied after the lpf opamp, IC302 IC402 amp signal.
3.I replace the sparkoslabs SS3602


The V5 discrete Op-amps do a lot more than just combine the best of two op-amps. They bring a certain level of authority to the music, a quality that I found severely lacking with all the op-amps I’ve tried / own, regardless of make and price. To my surprise, with the V5 discrete Op-amps, the jukebox cdp-cx455 became very capable of hitting convincingly hard when it needed to, most apparent when playing James Newton Howard’s ‘Matobo’ track from The Interpreter score. At other times, especially in the late evenings lazing around with jazzy pieces, it becomes as mellow and smooth as it can be without overdoing things, whether it is Rene Marie singing ‘I only have eyes for you’ or Stacey Kent taking the stage live with ‘The best is yet to come’. You feel the music and you let your mind immerse in the experience, almost alleviating you from the realm we call Earth. Perhaps this is meditation done right…the Audiophile’s way

I have other updates between your brand a clock low jitter burson audio, excellent update one of the main causes of motivation in my system.

Edison M.