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Amplify your desktop audio experience with the Burson Audio Funk, the ultimate compact amplifier that delivers exceptional versatility. Perfect for close-field speaker listening, it offers a robust 45 Watts per channel in Class-AB mode, ideal for immersive desktop sessions whether you’re mixing, gaming, or enjoying a movie. For headphone enthusiasts, it provides a rich 3W per channel in Class-A, ensuring top-notch sound. Equipped with Burson’s advanced Max Current Power Supply for enhanced rhythm and precision, the Funk also features an upgradable op amp design for customizable audio paths. Wrapped in a sleek aluminum enclosure that doubles as a heat-sink, the Funk not only maintains cool performance but also adds a touch of style to your setup, making it the perfect desktop companion for any audio task.

1 in stock


In February 2021, Jay put our original Funk on the map with his world premiere review!

Since then, the Burson Funk has been raved by the audiophile community and this 3 Watts Headamp and 45W Class-AB speaker amp has become a must-have for many desktop / close-field audiophiles.

Meanwhile, Jay’s love for the Funk continues as he uses one on his desk every day with his KEF LS50 Meta Speakers and Sennheiser HD600 headphones.

However it wasn’t long before Jay reached out to us for his “funk” project. In true Jay-fashion, he wanted to squeeze out every last bit of performance.

This meant…

  • all the upgrades possible like our opamp and power supply
  • warmer, richer sound because we all know Jay is a tone-freak
  • an increase in current to drive speakers like KEF LS50 Meta to its full potential.

So in late 2021, we started working with Jay on a limited edition for his personal use. But you cannot manufacture 1 single unit with all these tweaks so it was decided early on that we would make a limited 100 units for the public. There were many instances where we thought we had something that was perhaps the ultimate premium desktop amp that we had ever seen before but Jay was still not fully satisfied.

And fast forward all the trials and errors, we have finally created something impeccable that Jay is happy to put his name on;

Burson Funk Max Current – Limited edition by Jay lee.

These were the final upgrades:

  • Mid-night black with gold accents.
  • It is fully loaded with Jay’s favourite opamp, Burson V6 Vivid audio opamps valued at 160USD.
  • Super Charger 5A – valued at 400USD pushes its performance 20% higher.
  • Its Max Current power supply is further improved, bringing it closer to our flagship Grand Tourers. In comparison to the original, this Funk has a warmer mid-range and a more sparkling high.
  • A matching Cool Stand – Gold – valued at 125USD. The stand keeps the higher current Funk cool while looking sexy in any space.
  • Jay’s diamond seal of approval!

These upgrades and tweaks brought the overall price to $1200 USD.

However, again… in true Jay-fashion; he wanted this to be an incredible deal for his subscribers. With lots of back and forth,

Jay and team Burson came to a compromise. We would offer the Limited Edition Funk with all the upgrades listed above for a ridiculous price at $850 USD inc shipping worldwide. However, only for the first 100 units – after that, the price is subject to change without notice.


Deliver in September.  Shipping in chronological order.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 15 cm

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