Soloist 3GT | 3XGT



The Burson Soloist 3/3X Grand Tourer (GT) is enhanced in 2023 with cleaner power and a superior signal path, creating a mesmerizing soundstage. Utilizing MUSES72320 volume control and V6 Vivid discrete buffer, it eliminates cross-channel interference, and hardware-based crossfeed levels offer personalized listening. The elegant Burson Cool Case with ultra-quiet active cooling ensures optimal performance.

The Soloist 3/3X GT features upgradeable Burson SP modules for pristine sound clarity and is optimized for both single-ended and balanced audio systems. The Soloist 3 GT and 3X GT provide 10W and 5W power, respectively, serving as a versatile command center for various audio setups.

With unique features like Head+Sub Mode and adjustable speaker volume, the Soloist 3/3X GT brings listeners closer to the perfect soundstage. Whether driving with precision or offering relaxed, authentic sound, these timeless analog performers reflect Burson’s commitment to quality and innovation in the audio world.

Standard Package:
Soloist 3GT / 3XGT with V6 Opamp installed
Remote control unit
Standard power supply unit

Deluxe Package:
Same as above
Burson Cool Stand
Super Charger 5A power supply unit


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 15 cm

Soloist 3GT (SE) Standard, Soloist 3GT (SE) Deluxe, Soloist 3XGT (XLR) Standard, Soloist 3XGT (XLR) Deluxe

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