Designed to optimize audio performance

No matter the industry specialized tooling is required to optimize performance. This is often overlooked in audio design where general-purpose IC-based op-amps are widely used. Our Supreme Sound Op-Amp [+] , however, is specifically designed to optimize audio performance.


The Best Upgrade is also the Easiest Upgrade

Measuring 12.4mm X 14.5mm (0.48 in x 0.57 in) the Supreme Sound Op-Amp has almost the same footprint as a standard through-hole IC op-amp. At only 29mm (1.14in) high it is the smallest discrete type op-amp in the world. It conveniently fits wherever they’re used.


Unsurpassed Performance Driven by Passion and Refined over time

Compared to the V4 SS op-amp, the V5 requires less voltage and current. That means peak performance can be reached using less power.
Gen 5’s cascade output stage is the result of over 10 years of research and five generations of designs. Its sonic signature is the most refined we ever created.

Unsurpassed Quality

Like our passion for audio, SSA Op-Amps are guaranteed to last a lifetime. We use the best components and make them perform even better with painstaking selection and meticulous component matching.

Every Supreme Sound Op-Amp in the world right now, be they V1 or V5 is covered by our lifetime warranty, something, no other op-amp manufacturer dares to offer.


The Gold Standard of Audio Op-Amps

Employing our SSA Op-Amps you will hear what’s on the recording, with all the meaning and expression the artist intended. Once you audition our SSA Op-Amps you can never go back and you’ll quickly understand why so many recording engineers, renowned musicians and audiophiles swear by them. Why they’re the gold standard of audio op-amps.

Here are three simple steps to find out if the Supreme Sound Opamp (SSO) will work for you.

  • Identify the op-amp inside your component.
  • Is it an 8-pin IC chip like the one below highlighted in red?
  • Take note of the model number of the op-amp highlighted in yellow
  • Take note of the pin-1 indicator with a half-cut circle highlighted in blue
  • Determine if you need a dual-SS op-amp or a single-SS op-amp

The SS Opamp is directly replaceable with the following opamps

Dual Op-amps:
AD823, AD823AN, AD8066, AD8620, AD712, AD827, C4570, JRC4556AD, JRC4580, JRC5532, JRC5532D, JRC5532, LF353, LM4562, LME49860, LM833N, LME49720, MUSES8920, NE5532, NEC4520, NEC4570, NJM2068D, NJM2114, NJM2214D, NJM4558, NJM4558D, NJM4560, NJM5532, NJM4558P, OP275, OPA1612, OPA2277PA, OPA2132, OPA2134, OPA2604, JRC4558, RC4558D, RC4558P, TL052, TL072, MUSES01, MUSES02, MUSES8820, MUSES8920, MUSES8832, BA15532

Single Op-amps:
NE5534, JRC5534, LT1122, TL071, OPA134, OPA627, AD811, AD829, AD844, OPA604, AD8610, AD711, AD797, LME49990, LME49710

If your op-amp isn’t listed above let us know the model number and details of your project and we’ll be happy to help you.

Installation Steps

1. Make sure you have the right SS Op-Amp
– V5-OPA-D = dual Version Op-Amp = suitable to replace dual version chip opamps
– V5-OPA-S = single Version Op-Amp – suitable to replace single version chip opamps

2. Plug it in the right direction
Align the half moon marking on the PCB or IC socket to the half moon cut out on the SS Op-Amp enclosure (refer to photo below)

3. Register the SS Op-Amp for a life-time of warranty
Only by completing this simple registration via this link (/warranty-diy/), will your SS Op-Amps be covered for life.

Please note that not following the first 2 steps above will certainly destroy the SS Op-amp, such cases will not be covered by our warranty.

Optional Tweaks for your SS Opamp

Full Article Here

V5 SS Opamp Data Sheet


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