With some help, i remove all the components interesting by the tweak on my Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray Player 83.

2) i plug your two discrete opamp (before op CMS ,it’s very small for my old eyes!).

3) I make myself a power supply with old toroidal transformer 250VA !! 220v-15/15v (salvage in my factory), régulateurs Burson (78xx et 79xx), capacitors (salvage) etc..

4) Last opération , solder the wires between power supply and audio cart and push the button on . Aie ! Aie ! i’m a little afraid but it’s OK ! the Leds shine.

Now in front of a glass of white vine ;délicious; the first notes. One time again Incredible the résults and i’m not alone ! My wife says that more you can see all the nivel in depth and all the sounds are clear naturel.

One time again congratulations , everywhère you plug Burson discrete opamp apend a miracle!

I hope it will be not so long for the DAC.