Good Day mates!
I have installed your legendary HD opamps into my good old Marantz CD72. And the result is amazing!
Instead of describing to you how it transformed the CD72, I have decided to share with you 2 audio files.
Recorded into my Mac via Griffin iMic, (96khz) I have firstly recorded a section of Jean Sidwell’s San Francisco with OPA627 in the Marantz.

Then I have recorded the same section with the Burson opamps in the player.

You folks deserve a big hand stamp for such a wonderful yet simple to apply product!



Please note that Burson Audio can’t verify the recording process of these two files and we can’t guarantee their qualities. However, the sonic difference between the two files are consistent with some of the improvements which our HD opamp can bring.

Furthermore, the sample tracks are from Jean Frye Sidwell’s “I left my heart in San Francisco”. The samples tracks contain only a fraction of the whole song. The full length of this song is well over 6 minutes, and we encourage anyone to buy this wonderful song if they like the sample.