Eastern Electric Minimax Dac discrete opampEastern Electric Minimax Dac

To be quite honest the results are simply awesome, the Burson discrete op amp transformed the Minimax DAC in a whole new machine seems to work beautifully with the ESS9018, it adds tons of detail, as well as a fair amount of airiness. All in all music gains ‘Gestalt’, a more haptic, tangible experience altogether, very holographic. Timbre of instruments is also more natural and I’d say … credible.

Extensions are enhanced : better, tighter and more detailed bass, amazing slam, amazing control. The highs gain airiness and sheer extension, cymbals fade out nicely and detailed.

Prior to the upgrade there was some digital dryness and harshness to the sound of the Minimax DAC, the DAC detailed well (due to the ESS9018 resolving power) but there was that lack of ‘moistness’ to the timbre of the instruments, this is now all gone and the sound is presented with a nice lushness and liquidity.

Voila, all for now.