I recently purchased some new HiFi equipment from high end Austrian manufacturer Ayon Audio, a cd player (in fact 2 models of their CD players) and a pair of tube monobloc amplifiers.. All pieces of Ayon equipment produce absolutely incredible sound

The more expensive of the two CD players, the model Ayon Audio CD-5s retails in Australia for approx $15k, and is a solid state/tube hybrid player which includes a pre-amplifier, is an absolutely superb unit, in fact one of the best CD players and pre-amplifiers I have heard.

After reading the description on your website regarding your discrete op amp replacement modules, I wondered would these improve the sound.

After checking inside my Ayon Audio CD-5s CD player I discovered 4 x OPA627 opamps. I replaced these with 4 units of your discrete op amp.

The sound difference to my ears is wonderfully pleasing. It seems to me like a veil has been lifted from my speakers. The soundstage is larger and seems more detailed and defined. The highs are smooth but incredibly detailed. I am noticing elements within the music I have not been able to define previously. For some reason the sound seems more “musically realistic”, perhaps it may be some enhancement to the dynamics or something. The bass seems deeper and more articulate. With instruments like piano, sax, woodwind and voice more “timbre” seems to be present (to my ears) ……

Anyway, congratulations on a wonderful product at an incredibly reasonable price.

Neil H,  QLD


modules installed 2.jpg