The sound card is mounted vertically in a HTPC ATX case, all the available height is occupied. To his left, a low profile TV tuner card.

In the picture you see, at left, the three original IC dual op-amps: for the left channel, the right channel (top left) and the buffer (center left); you have to remove the EMI shield (secured with four screws).
The next photo shows the installation of the new HD Audio op-amps by Burson. The operation of insertion and removal is easy with fly lead Standard version. The difficulty is to bend the fly leads.

You have to cut 5 mm from the part where the radius of curvature is the smallest one. Thanks to Dennis by Burson Sales for the change of the previous version of Soft Cable Extension. The op-ams remain firmly attached to the sound card also in the vertical position. In the fourth picture: the system at work. Then I added some supports under the op-amps.

I can say that the replacement is possible even in a small case. The improvements in sound quality are already immediate ! I can confirm what Asus Xonar Essence users write about a more opened sound stage, deeper bass and very clear highs.

Andrea M.