For this review, I used the AKG Q701 and LCD-3 and Objective 2 Amplifier. The constant DAC was the Cirrus Logic CS4398.

Build Quality:

“The Soloist SL headphone amplifier is pretty much a solid chunk of 2mm thick aluminum. Everything is bonded together nicely and it is smooth.”


“I would finally say that the Burson’s are more transparent than the O2. Transparency as in which makes it sound more ‘real’, where it sounds like you aren’t listening to a unit, but to the music itself. And this would have to go to the Burson’s which had a better layering than the O2’s. Layering as in the separation of mids from the vocals.”


“I’d say that the Burson Soloist SL with the LCD-3 make a good combo in terms of how well the Audeze LCD-3 already layers.”

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