Sennheiser HD800

“This is a very nice combo, on the brighter side of signatures. It sounds very detailed and extremely transparent. Good dynamics and an open spacious presentation. The bass hits hard, the mids are clean and neutral. Treble is extended and shines nicely. Imaging and focus are amazing.”

Hifiman HE-500

“it is a great combination and everyone considering buying a Hifiman HE-500 should have an eye on the Soloist SL. But be careful, you may get listening addiction.”

Audeze LCD-3

“PRaT was good, they came across quite energetic. Bass goes deep as well.”

SPL Auditor, HD800

“The Soloist SL sounds more transparent, which goes along with better focus. Hence, the Burson images also sharper. Complex orchestras are more resolved and detailed.”

Little Dot MKIII, HD800

“the Burson has definitely the last word in terms of detail / focus and sounds more transparent. So, there you go.”

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