Equipment modified: Asus Xonar Essence ST
Modules applied: Buffer and I/V Section
Op-amps replaced: Muses02 and Muses 8920 opamp
Evaluation is pending – doing a full review on – but so far…….Fantastic!

“Ben Tankard made a song call Church Picnic – and this song has a lot of layers in it. I used to use this song as a demo piece when I worked in the business years ago! I’ve heard this track on all kinds of speakers – some that I’ll never be able to afford – but the thing is – I know this song! Toward the end there is a conga slide that I first noticed when listening to this song through Snell speakers. Since then I use that experience to evaluate lower mid-range. The Burson’s had handled everything well…even lower mids that are in the fore-front of the mix- but on this song the conga slide is beneath a xylophone, it takes some doing to flesh this out. The Muses handled this very well, were as the Burson’s seemed veiled – buried it just a little- however – the Burson’s overall, out performed the Muses in every other facet – I may be able to let this one pass. I also considered turning of my room correction – because I also realized that every other time I listened to that song – room correction was off. That’s the only rub I have with the Burson’s and it may not even be a rub

The Nora Jones tracks were stupendous – Guitar to the right in Painters song was an excellent set up for Nora’s seductive voice to come out right at you from the middle of the soundstage. She was about 5’6” high in my system – I wonder if that’s her real height?

Conclusion: The Burson op-amps IMHO are worth the price if you want an easy upgrade path without buying new gear. People have used them in high end disc players, sound cards, anywhere an op-amp can be used. Burson has a detailed report on how Discreet op-amps are better than IC’s. We in the audiophile world love to discuss or flat out argue about things we can’t or won’t measure. Today I’m here just to share what my ears have heard. Hey I even had 2 sound cards and still preferred the Burson’s – liked them so much I went and bought two more. I believe when it comes to op-amps, implementation is key, and whatever Burson did – sure sounds right to me. Is it all in my mind? Maybe….but I don’t think so – songs that I’m too familiar with, sounding different (not only to me but others in my house as well – trained my boys how to listen using “Church Picnic”), new detail and that increased depth – Burson – time to come out of the telephone booth and fly….because you made me a believer. ”

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