Took a long burn in time, however, the sound separation is fantastic. Works fantastically with my current setup. Just be careful not to drop as you might bend some of the pins on its fall (almost happened to me!). It fits into this just fine with a small clearance on the top which will fit in just fine. My default opamps on the XDuoo XD-05 Plus is the OPA1612 and while great for a default, the vocals and higher treble range were very forward sitting while everything takes a back seat. With the V5i’s, there is amazing sound separation (I can’t believe there’s a huge sound difference even from CD ripped files.), the mid-range and higher have taken a few steps back to blend better with the music and the bass has been improved to sound clear, with oomph with a bit of texture in it. While it’s amazing for what it is, I’m also trying a bunch of other opamps to see what can fit in here. Overall, this is a great all-rounder opamp which will raise the floor of your music and improves a bit on clarity of the music while providing amazing soundstage separation. The only thing I’m missing from this opamp was that ‘tickling’ goosebump feeling that I used to get from the default opamps for vocals and higher ranges.