Xduoo XD-05 Bal, VSI-D-2, MDX-28506-1 with Burson V5i Opamps

Out of curiosity I wanted to test the potential of my amp and I searched the internet for a compatible amp brand. After weeks of research and analysis of the proposed products (6 brands OPA627 and OPA1612, LME 49720, MUSE02 and AD8820 and Burson V5i). 2 brands came in the end (MUSE02 and BURSON V5I). I bought both of them. I received yours first and I put it immediately on my amp and there miracle! the scene is widened but what I appreciated the most is the separation of the instruments, it is phenomenal. I don't regret my purchase and I'm going to study the purchase of an amp of your brand! PS: my IEM UM Best MKII, ERASONICS VELVET II and BLADE etc..