So I purchased the 2 V6 Vivid Dual Opamp for my Teac UD-501. I wasn’t very happy with the Teac and was thinking to start looking for a new DAC. But before spending thousands of $ a new DAC, I decided to give the Burson Opamp (200$ Canadian) a try. After watching a couple of youtube videos, I decided to do the installation by myself. It was fairly easy. I was blown away by sound difference using my Grado SR80 headphones. Much more details/clarity in the music, tighter bass, much better soundstage. I am now at 48 hours of break in… I cannot say they sound different than the first hour of try out. I phased out 2 nights ago at one point listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall album, and nearly had a small panic attack… at the end of one track, you can ear kids playing in the background… I jumped out of my chair thinking it was real, right beside me… that is how much more precise the v6 Vivid are. I’ve been using the Audirvana software for a while now with my Teac UD-501. Because I wasn’t happy with the sound, I was using the software to upsample my music, in sOx or Izotope mode to get the best out my system. It was better, but wasn’t quite happy. Now, with the V6 Vivid, I’m letting the hardware (dac) do the upsampling, and all software upsampling options are closed. It just sounds much better that way. My only disappointment was when I decided to try this out with my home system. I own some Martin Logan Motion 40s, via a Van Alstine UltraValve Amp and Transcendence RB10 pre-amp. The V6 Vivid Opamp added a little something, but not enough to be able to really ear a difference. I still find that some clarity/details is missing, particularly with voices. Maybe the V6 Classic would of been a better option. I’m happy I gave the Vivid V6 a try, but I’m not ready to spend more just to try out the Classics.