Timekeeper 3XGT


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Turn up the volume on your audio experience with the Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer (TK-GT), a sleek Class-AB monoblock power amp that not only plays music but plays it masterfully. With a hefty 180W output power, the TK-GT dishes out the first 30W in pure Class-A, making your vocals soar with richness before kicking up the volume to deliver the full 180W that brings your speakers to life with breathtaking dynamics. What’s more? Its fully discrete circuitry and upgradeable opamp with an input buffer stage let you tweak its sonic signature to gel with your audio system like peanut butter with jelly. Thanks to its fully differential input stage and direct coupling circuitry, you’ll get a dynamic response and that distinct Burson sound—crisp, detailed, and oh-so textured. The monoblock design means no cross-channel chatter, just pure, spacious sound.

More than just an amp, the Timekeeper Grand Tourer is a stylish beacon of innovation and quality, ready to make a grand entrance into your audio setup. Get ready to hear your music in a way that’s as fun and lively as it gets!

Package includes: 

  • Timekeeper GT Mono Amp Pair ( x 2 units)
  • Tailored 210W Burson Super-Chargers (one per unit) 
  • GT accent Cool Stands (one per unit)
  • 12V Chain start trigger cables (one per unit)

The Soloist 3X GT/Timekeeper GT Combo Offer:

This is the ultimate analogue combo with one award-winning Soloist GT and two Timekeeper GT. Add your own DAC to this combo, and the only things you will ever want to change are your soundtracks.

The Conductor 3X GT/Timekeeper GT Combo Offer:

An advanced and beautiful sounding DAC, a remote-controlled Preamp, a powerful Class-A Headphone Amp, and two Monoblocks, all taken care of!

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 15 cm

Timekeeper X 2, Soloist GT + Timekeeper X2, Conductor 3X GT + Timekeeper X 2

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