Playmate 2



The Burson Playmate 2 represents a significant evolution from its predecessor, merging aesthetics with high-end functionality. Encased in a precision-machined aluminum enclosure that also functions as a unified heat-sink, it ensures that the Class-A Playmate remains cool, all while maintaining a sleek appearance. The Playmate 2 is equipped with a SABRE32/ESS9038Q2M DAC and Xmos USB Input, supporting high-resolution audio formats like DSD512 and 32/768kHz, showcasing its commitment to sound quality.

This device offers a powerful yet quiet Class-A headphone amp with 3Wpc and two levels of power control, providing flexibility for various listening experiences. The Playmate 2 also allows for sound tuning through opamp rolling with four detachable DIP sockets, and its compact design makes it suitable for any space, reflecting a thoughtful blend of performance and design.

Enhanced with Burson’s proprietary MCPS, charging the Playmate at an impressive 170 thousand times per second, it amplifies power, dynamics, and micro-details. With additional features like HD mic input for gaming, optical input for consoles, and USB-C connectivity, it’s versatile for various entertainment needs. Being Roon Tested, it seamlessly connects with 3rd party Roon Ready audio streamers, positioning the Playmate 2 as a future-ready device for audiophiles.

Burson Playmate 2 – Basic Package:

comes with 2 x NE5532, 2 x NE5534 Opamps installed (No remote control)

Burson Playmate 2 – Deluxe Package:

comes with

  • 2 x NE5532, 2 x NE5534 Opamps installed
  • 2 x V6 Vivid dual,  2 x V6 Vivid single – Requiring customer installation. Please refer to its user manual for instructions. Link to the user manual:
  • Remote control.
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 15 cm

Playmate 2 Basic (NE5532), Playmate 2 Deluxe (V6 Vivid & Remote

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