Conductor 3GT: Pure audio decadence, and simultaneously aesthetically elegant. I’m actually hearing details in songs I’ve listened to for years that I haven’t heard before! (And I don’t yet have the Burson Supercharger 5A hooked up – and you better believe it’s happening). The reviews online are no joke, this is an endgame AMP/PREAMP/DAC. Initially bought into the XLR superiority propaganda but according to audiophile reviews, the Conductor 3 GT may actually sound more organic than the 3XGT as the signal is not separated into left and right channels. It’s also a bonus not having to buy additional balanced 4.4mm or XLR Neutrik cables; I can just use the OEM cables that came with my headphones. My headphones don’t require much power and paired with the Conductor 3 GT, my Audeze LCD-X’s sound out of this world. Very happy with purchase thus far. Thanks Burson!