Burson Play

Burson Play

Play Music

Crisp, dynamic and musical, the Play is a top class DAC with 32bit / 384khz, DXD and DSD256 playback capacity. Pairing effortlessly with Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android systems, its SABRE32/ESS9018 DAC chip and Xmos USB receiver are benchmarks in the industry and our pure Class A circuitry unleashes their full potential.

Powered by 3 sets of revolutionary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) developed by Burson, the Play is one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers in the world. Regardless of headphones, you can feel its power, accuracy and details at any volume levels. [+] Learn More – MCPS

Pure Class A with no ICs on the signal path, the Play is a remote controlled preamp that teams perfectly with any power amp or active speakers.

The Play is peerless!

Burson Play

Play Opamps

Opamp rolling is a major part of the audiophile hobby. There are countless online discussions dedicated to it. And why not? it offers the opportunity to compare and appreciate different sonic performance in your own comfort zone and it is a valuable opportunity to develop listening preference and taste.

A fully discrete circuitry operating in pure Class-A with 5 DIP8 opamp sockets, the Play is the ultimate opamp rolling platform.

The Play is fun!

Burson Play

Game Play

Film and game producers know the importance of music and sound in their work. It can turn any ordinary experience into a spiritually enriching one. In fact, audio in gaming is even more vital. Apart from the passive cinematic scores, games rely on interactive sound and music during gameplay to engage with gamers. To become successful, games today need to invest millions and work with top composers to develop their scores and sound effects.

Sadly, PC gamers are denied of audio performance that does their gaming justice. None of the “high-end” sound cards feature advanced DAC chips. They all have high distortion IC based output stages and they all use very noisy Class-D power supplies. The most powerful soundcard outputs less than 100mWatt (0.1 Watt) into headphones. Such soundcards not only degrade the whole gaming experience but also affect the gamers ability to respond to situations crucial to the success of their campaign.

The Burson Play features the SABRE32/ESS9018 DAC chip and Xmos USB receiver chip. Both are technological benchmarks in the audiophile industry. To minimise distortion, the Play is tuned to operate in pure Class-A. Outputting 2000 mWatt per channel, it is over 20 times more powerful than the next best soundcard. To top it off, the Play features a high-performance mic input and fits into any PC case elegantly.

The Play is the missing piece for any gaming PC!

Burson Play

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