MSB link III DAC Burson Supreme Opamp Upgrade by Erik H

This is my first time experience with discreet opamp and my first Burson product. I opened the cylinder can and I said to my self wow it’s quite tiny opamp. I put the opamp in my MSB link III DAC because it has the socket...but for final I’ll put it in my heavily modified Musical Fidelity A324 which has not have the socket so the opamp directly soldered on the board, but for now I review the opamp on MSB....too lazy to pick my solder and change the opamp in my MF A324. I warned you if you hope this Burson can change your cheap DAC into super high end DAC will not!!! You can’t hope to change that much sound from your lesser just make it better sound. I have used several chip opamp such as NE5322, LT1024, LM4562HA (can type), and OPA4627BRZ, so far I satisfied with the LM4652HA sound. So I put the Burson SS 4th generation and wish for better sound. The first thing I noticed was this opamp has bit laid back sound and more relaxed and smoother sound than OPA4627BRZ on MSB linkIII. The detail is there... the mid is neutral... and what I makes me happy was this MSB linkIII NEVER impressed me from the first time I bought it, I have tried to sell it but nobody want it and this DAC cannot compete the MF A324, maybe because the MF is heavily modified and MSB in standard condition. And I can’t stand for long time heard the MSB because of this. But after I put Burson opamp..something changed, still the MSB can’t compete the MF in term of dynamic and openess but I start to love the sound..more laid back and relaxed as I mentioned above and the sound is more presence in the room. The imaging is better and the soundstage is more layered..better than my MF with LM4652HA opamp. I hope this Burson opamp can change the MF DAC for better sound. As you can see on the picture..the MSB is quite thin, so I have to put off the top/face plate of the DAC when I'm using the Burson.