Your Burson sales and support has been excellent. I had some Before-purchase questions that were answered within 24hrs. On my Conductor 3XR, I’ve had a couple minor concerns After-purchase and your support has been good there as well. My only complaint is the included USB-c cable is way too short. I had to go get another cable to run from my PC under the desk to the dac/amp up on the desk. 2-3ft is a little too short. Currently, I have an optical cable en route to see if my rare intermittent issue of (all sound coming out of just 1 side, all left or all right) is an intermittent issue with the USB output of my PC or USB input on your Conductor 3XR. It hasn’t happened again in the last week or so, but I’ll see if this still occurs on optical cable. This is never something that happens while using the unit. The 2-3 times I’ve experienced this, it did this right away when turning on the unit. Turn it on, go to play something, realize the sound is lower volume, not as high of quality, and all to the left or all right. Like I said, I have a good quality/highly rated optical cable on the way to see if this stops happening. The unit runs warm/hot, but it’s supposed to (Class A). I’m in Arizona and it’s summer, so that heats up the room even more. I can live with that. The product is built well, runs great 98% of the time and makes my Meze Empyreans sound as good as they ever can.