Magnat Tempus 77 (acoustic cable AudioQuest Rocket 22, 2RCA-2RCA Oehlbach BEAT 500 5m), KOSS Pro4S with Burson V5i Opamp

Acoustics 2.1: Magnat Tempus 77 floor-standing speakers are connected with an AudioQuest Rocket 22 acoustic bi-wiring cable to the Magnat MA700 hybrid integrated stereo amplifier (the power cable is replaced with AudioQuest NRG-X3 1m). The Creative Sound BlasterX AE-9 sound card is connected analogously to a Magnat MA700 stereo amplifier using a 2RCA-2RCA Oehlbach BEAT 500 5m cable. The subwoofer output from the stereo amplifier is connected by an RCA-2RCA cable OEHLBACH BOOOM 200 Blue 2.0m to the linear 2RCA input of the Polk Audio Monitor XT12 subwoofer (the power cable was replaced with AudioQuest NRG-Y2 2.0 m). Everything is powered from the Shtil InStab IS1500 inverter voltage stabilizer (230V). Before your op amps there were stock op amps NE5534AP and JRC 5532D. I tried the following combinations: JRC 5532D+LME49710, JRC 2114D+LME49710, JRC 2114D+NE 5534AP, LME49710+LME49720. The sound has become more transparent and detailed. You could say crystal clear. More pleasant and comfortable, especially noticeable at higher volumes. Previously, I wanted to make it quieter, but now such a desire almost never arises. Some kind of enthusiasm appeared in the sound and a bit of magic that attracted us to music in childhood. I don’t remember when I wanted to dance to music, but after installing the Bersons, such a desire appeared. Excessive brightness, twitchiness and shoutiness in the sound have almost disappeared. The bass, unfortunately, has not become denser and thicker. The highs have become less elaborate, the presentation of highs has become more simplified, but I like the way they sound. The middle is very detailed and transparent. It feels like the sound level has become higher. The sound has become more thoroughbred.