Klipsch Quartet, Klipsch KG4.2, Pioneer FS52, JBL 4312, HiFiman Sundara, HiFiman HE400se, Bang Olufsen Beoplay HX with Burson Timekeeper 3iR

The TK3i is my first Burson product. I purchased it based on reviews, without ever hearing it. It is by far the best integrated amp, jack of all trades, and master of many trades, of any device I've owned. I am comparing this to Cambridge Audio, NAD, Emotiva, SMSL, and misc 5.1 receivers, and the TK3i suits my applications at least 100% better than any combination of DAC/preamp/amp I have put together myself. Eventually I plan on replacing my receiver in my main living room with a Burson Funk or similar product. Keep up the good work!! Only ask I would have had with the TK3i is that the HP amplifier was closer to 3 watts, however, I understand this would cannibalize sales from your other HP amplifiers. No big deal.