I’ve recently started rolling/swapping op-amps in my Kinki Studio Ex-M1 Amp, firstly with a full set of Staccato Audio op-amps ( x4 Singles &; 1 Dual ) which was a noticeable improvement. A YT reviewer “Passion for Sound” gave a glowing review of the new Burson V7 op-amps which prompted the purchase of a set of V7 Classic &; Vivid op-amps and boy they taken everything to new levels of sonic bliss. Down side is I’m not getting much sleep due to I can’t stop listening to all my music again. Streaming is the only format used / Audio PC / Lumin U1/ Gustard U18 DDC / Gustard R26 Dac / Kinki Studio Ex-M1 to Hulgich Audio Nina’s standmount speakers / Rel T7x Sub.