I have had a Buson headphone amp in my house continuously for several years now.
My active speakers bit the dust recently and I decided to go the separates route this time.
There was never any real doubt I was going to purchase a timekeeper at some point and now is the time.
I do not have the space nor the desire for large sized audio equipment.
Your equipment does its job very very well to my ear.
For my money Burson is sitting atop the heap.

I will say that during the initial sitting, with a new set of speakers and the new timekeepers I was afraid I had made a terrible mistake…. haha
I left them playing for around 12 hours while I was out of the house and my next sitting listening to music transformative. I dont understand audiophile jargon but I understand what I like, and brother, I like these timekeepers.

Excellent equipment guys. Thanks

Ben Harvie