I was delighted with my Topping A90 and Singxer SA-1 for several years. I’ve heard much about Burson headphone amps, but I was skeptical of forum claims. How much of a difference can I expect? I decided to roll the dice and purchase the Burson Soloist 3X performance from Headphones.com. If it was “meh,” I could return it.

So how does it sound? I will tell you, within the first 30 mins, I was like, HOLY COW. There is a very audible difference between the Singxer and A90 vs the Soloist. The A90 is crystal clear but lacks the warmth of a class-A amp. The Singxer is a great amp but sounds veiled compared to the Burson. It was combining the best parts of both amps. I never thought that would be possible! The resolution is impressive. The dynamics are fantastic! As a bonus, as others have mentioned, even my HD 800s had a noticeable improvement on the low end. I’m a believer now! I am thinking about purchasing a second unit… I’d like to hear how much of a difference there is between the 3X and 3X GT.