My main headphone listening setup is:

PC -> Meridian Director DAC (USB) -> Burson Soloist SL headphone amplifier -> HiFiMan HE-560 headphones

It would have been nice to have a basic Pre-out on the Soloist SL so I could connect it easier to my integrated amplifier (Cambridge Audio 650A) to desktop speakers (Monitor Audio Radius 90 + Subwoofer). Instead I’ll probably end up getting another DAC for using the integrated amplifier separately.

The other item in the photo is a Schiit Magni 2 Uber which was my previous headphone amplifier until I upgraded to the Soloist SL. I’ll likely take that into work to use there.
My main headphones are HiFiMan HE-560, although at some point I’m likely to also try and get Audeze LCD-3 or EL-8 (Open) headphones to complement them. I’m a big fan of Planar Magnetic headphones.
The Burson headphone amplifiers have a great reputation online for being excellent EssaysWriters quality in terms of build and sound, they are also well known for having a large power output making it a common recommendation for people using Planar Magnetic headphones.

Keep up the good work, I think the Soloist SL headphone amplifier is excellent, I notice the bottom end is punchier and of a better quality than the Magni 2 Uber. I’m very happy with it.
Oh, and Bushmills 21 year old Irish Whiskey. Because that is a great thing to blend with high quality audio! Cheers!

Nathan B.