I have been using Conductor 3 Performance for a while, it can be said that this is a product with good sound quality, clear sound, balanced bass, treble, mid, sounds very good.
My combo system includes: Macbook pro M1, Conductor 3 Performance, Audeze LCD2 Headphones.
However, I am not satisfied with the following issues:
1) Conductor 3 Performance Does not support MQA, does not decode MQA when playing music on Tidal => I am very disappointed, hope Burson will update this feature soon.
2) I use macbook pro M1 connected to Conductor 3 Performance, Audivana, Tidal => it can’t play DSD512, only limited to DSD256. => please tell me the cause? Is it because the Macbook runs the M1 chipset? how to fix to play DSD512?
Note: when connecting Conductor 3 Performance with a windows computer, it can play DSD512
Hope you reply me soon.
Special thanks!