I just got the V6’s; qty 2 each of the Vivid single, Vivid dual, Classic single, and Classic dual. Starting off with the full Classic setup in my Gustard H10 headphone amp @ +6V dip switch setting. Running Foobar2K on a Windows 10 laptop, out via USB to Schitt Bifrost 4490 DAC, then to the Gustard H10, and using modded TH-X00 PH’s to listen (Lawton driver housing dampening and Jmoney pads with custom in-pad attenuators.) Big increase in detail and clarity along with refinement in bass. Seem a little too bright and more forward in the highs though. Looking forward to getting more run time with them. In the process of venting and putting a handle on the top cover of the Gustard H10. I’ve already added Verarien Cu foam LPH0001 heat sinks to the 8 transistors on the main heat sink and Enzotech MOS-C10-LE forged copper heat sinks to the 2 Voltage regulator transistors. Will also be making custom heatsinks from 15mm x 15mm x 1mm copper shims for the 4 small power transistors positioned around each single opamp location. Running it open until cover mod is completed.