Focal Utopia, Clear MG, Bentley, Celestee, Elegia with Burson Conductor 3XGT

My Wife and I I are retired and travel a lot in our RV. As you can see from my pictures we have a fair amount of Headphones and associated gear. Very convenient for RV Traveling. I have been interested in music and audio gear for years, with a fair amount of experience in higher end home audio gear and recently Headphones and associated equipment. I have tried many and have several combo DAC / Amp units. and some separates. Until I found BURSON AUDIO and their outstanding dealer BLOOM AUDIO, I was searching out different products and felt some was ok to some what good but left me longing for more. Then BLOOM AUDIO turned me on to BURSON AUDIO. I tried a different model and it’s sound was better than anything I had head with Headphones before. However as BLOOM AUDIO and BURSON AUDIO got to know my system likes and my expectations, (which I feel is high) Burson reached out to me suggesting I should try their Conductor 3X GT. I was hesitant but decided to take their advice. They were absolutely correct.! There is not enough time for me to describe how perfectly this unit fits my expectations, and exceeds in most every way. There is incredible detail, tight controlled deep impactful bass, great separation, very nice sound stage with a tonal quality that is hard for me to describe. I like a some what tube sound but it has to be smooth, have dynamics, lively ness and impactful and that is hard to impossible get, at my expectation levels, except with the very best high dollar tube gear or possibly a combination works, if properly paired. This Conductor 3X GT is smooth, detailed, impactful and gets as close to what I was looking for as I believe is possible in anywhere near this price point, and considerably higher. The Build quality is superb, and fits my tastes perfectly, add to that, the manner that BURSON Audio and BLOOM Audio is as the manufacturer and the dealer and how they listen and worked to get me to where I wanted to be this has been a great success. I highly recommend BURSON AUDIO Gear and BLOOM Audio. Simply listen and enjoy!