This is my first venture with BURSON. Purchased a new CONDUCTOR 3X Reference that I just received yesterday. I like what I have heard from it so far. But getting more confused on other areas that I am finding out as I go. The reference line price point is not really what I would consider a cheap entry level price point.

Finding some areas that I feel fall short of other manufacturers at this price point. Packaging is lacking compared to most other manufacturers. Not packed with sealed boxes to help the buyer know they are receiving an actual factory new item.

Also I do not understand when purchasing a Reference line at this price point the internal parts provide is not your best, you want to sell several upgrades. Claiming they will make it better and even the power supply is offered as an upgrade that is fairly expensive as customers is purchasing a completely new unit and the one provided then becomes useless, and if customers purchases others upgrades for internal parts the unit must be opened worked on and then there are more parts that the customer has no use for.

Seems the only thing this does is run the cost up as multiple useless parts left over that should have already been premium parts to begin with, if your claim of making a premium product is true, why is so many upgraded internal parts needed to get to the best sound. I do not want to have to have the unit opened up and worked on. Cannot understand this concept of construction designed to waste parts, that are then useless, a complete waste of material’s, creating trash for the landfill and used up resources. Not sure what I am missing here. I purchase a lot of Audio gear and the packaging is a definite concern. Wish everyone in the world was a hundred percent honest but that is not reality. Not having new higher costing items in sealed packaging so a customer has a way to feel secure that the item they are receiving is actually new, is needed. With your packaging there is nothing to prevent or deter used, returned or demo units from being resold claiming them to be new. This is happening often no days. This BURSON CONDUCTOR 3X Reference is for the system in my RV. Retired and use the RV a lot.