I listen to the BURSON AUDIO Conductor 3X GT, connected to a Panamax line conditioner & Furman line filtering model neither provided a noticeable sound change between the two. I had my doubts that the Burson Super Charger would be much different. I read a lot where some consider these type of add on’ s mostly some snake oil that does nothing. That may be the case with some units but NOT THE BURSON SUPER CHARGER.

The Super Charger does make a definite improvement in sound. If you read the full function of what it does and how it interacts with the BURSON internal power supply I believe you can see where it is not just another filter or stabilizer unit.

I heard a definite improvement in the instruments and vocal separation, the faint background music that I was hearing was now more understandable. The sound stage grew slightly larger on most all my different headphones, I felt it was very, very noticeable on my HIFIMAN unit.

It was a worthwhile add on that made an improvement. It was not as much as moving from a cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones to a nice pair of wired headphones powered by a BURSON Conductor 3X GT BUT it did improve what I feel was an already good system, which is sort of a big achievement.